What is Tomato Project? 

Tomato Project was established on 2013.

The motivation towards the establishment of enterprise started from the problem of lack of safe vegetables.

At the time, I had a daughter in elementary school and that became a huge problem that there was no safe vegetable that I can make my daughter eat with authenticity. That was same for other mothers also.


The first farmer I have met was the farmers of Himachal. They were growing safe and delicious vegetables, and was looking for buyer. It was a miraculous encounter.


Since then, the number of connections with farmers has gradually increased. But Tomato Project still handles most of the vegetables from Himachal and Uttarakhand.


Tomato Project focuses not only on whether the vegetables are organic, but also on the growing environment such as water, air, and soil in the production area.

Only when the water and the soil in place are kept clean, a safe and delicious vegetable can be grown.I feel that in my relationship with Himachal and Uttarakhand production area. 

You can't get it just by using no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, but stick to the environment in which vegetables grow. That's what the Tomato Project cherishes.

What Tomato Project cherishes is that to stick to the environment of the production areas but not only sticking not to using pesticides nor chemical fertilizers.


In addition to “buying” and “eating”, we value to have good relationship with farmers. We achieve that by visiting the farmers and production areas frequently.


We have also started trying to grow vegetables on our own.

Not only to consume, but to produce as much as possible even if that is of small amount.

It is small, but is valuable step towards better future.

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