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Yamasaki Noriko

A large proportion of farmers in India face many difficulties making sustainable crops due to lack of access to

high-quality resources, finance, and especially their living standards. We came across these problems years ago while simultaneously got shocked by the huge disparities in living standard between India and our home-country, Japan.


Having brought up in favorable environment allowed us to see the differences, and lead us to establish Tomato Project to create solutions for farmers` problem by integrating variety Japanese cutting-edged farming techniques. We invest our life giving value to Indian farmer to make their life filled with happiness rather than maximizing our own self-satisfaction.

We have an experience based capacity to talk with customers and understand their needs by providing farm-fresh vegetables direct to their doorstep

Kohei Serizawa

Kohei was born in Shizuoka prefecture in 1988, invested in industrial development during his college years in the United States. After returning Japan, Serizawa joined Casley Consulting, Inc. in 2013.


After experiencing IT planning and system sales, he serves as Director/Managing Executive
Officer at Casley India PVT. Ltd, leading operation of information service in India as well as strengthening marketing and sales structure in overseas. He has a wide range of knowledge related to social issue, and strong network in India. A graduate of Abilene Christian University, Texas .



​Tomato Project

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