Mrs. Yasuko Malhotra

A Japanese National living in Delhi for the last 21 years, having traveled across the globe to many countries during her professional career enabled her to explore different cultures and fulfill her hunger to master local cuisines.

Presently she is running "Blue Lotus Culinary and Art Studio" to teach and pass on the knowledge she gained to her students, some aspiring to become culinary geniuses in the future themselves.

Blue Lotus Culinary and Art Studio :
Japanese Cuisine Recipe :

Mrs. Harunako Minami

Hi, I am Harunako. I have stayed in Delhi since 2007. I organize Indian cooking classes for Japanese people at home. Using organic materials from oil to vegetables,  I am seeking for not hot but spicy tasty food. Here I will share with you an amazing way of cooking, Indian Japanese mix. Let's try to make tasty healthy food with nutritious true vegetables.