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Mountain Cabbage Pasta

Mountain Cabbage Pasta

Mountain Cabbage Pasta

□ Cabbage


□ Red bell pepper (red paprika)  piece


□ Yellow bell pepper(yellow paprika)  piece


□ Mushroom 4 pieces


□ Garlic pod 5 pieces

□ Mustard seed  teaspoon

□ Cumin seed  teaspoon

□ Red chili whole 1

□ Salt teaspoon for veg for boil of pasta

□ Soy sauce teaspoon

□ Boiled Pasta  200g - 300g ( Optional )

□ OIL ( Olive oil or Mustard oil is recommended) 15 tablespoon

Mountain Cabbage Pasta


Cabbage is cut into large pieces ( 3cm x 3cm ), belle peppers are cut into thick slice(not very thin), mushroom divides into 6 pieces.

Step 2.

Heat the pan, once it becomes hot, add oil, then put mustard seed, once it starts to pop, make low flame, then add cumin seed, whole red chili, and garlic.

Step 3.

When good smell comes, add mushroom and bell peppers, stir fry with high flame for 2 minutes.

Step 4.

Then add cabbage, continue to fry for 5-6 minutes.This mountain cabbage is very soft, so it will not take time. Make sure that don't cover it, and gas should be high. Mix well during frying.

Step 5.

Once cabbage become crispy-soft, add salt and  teaspoon of soy sauce, stop the gas. In this sauce, add boiled pasta, mix well.